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returning nov 3-4, 2018 long beach, ca
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Sean Evans has two superpowers: interviewing celebrities and eating extremely spicy foods. Against the odds, he's managed to combine the two into the massively popular show “Hot Ones” on First We Feast. Each week, Sean Evans shares a plate of progressively spicier chicken wings with his celebrity guests, eliciting some of the most hilarious and honest answers you've ever seen from stars like Kevin Hart and Ricky Gervais. Each episode of “Hot Ones” captures nearly two million views on YouTube and has spawned a worldwide base of fans who post their own videos testing out their ability to take the heat. 

The Chicago native grew up studying heroes like David Letterman and Howard Stern—and gaining an appreciation for extra-hot salsa from his dad—before cutting his teeth as a Complex News host. His interviews with the likes of Allen Iverson and Manny Pacquiao made him a favorite on the sports-media circuit, and his willingness to try just about anything—including a day of The Rock's diet and fitness regiment.

In addition to “Hot Ones,” Sean is known for his adventures in extreme eating including surviving the world's hottest chili pepper, the Carolina Reaper, on two separate occasions. He also hosts “Sean in the Wild,” which takes viewers on a quest for the most interesting and weird food trends the world has to offer. Sean recently made his late-night debut on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” challenging the host to a special version of the “Hot Ones” challenge. 

Food Rebels

Sat Nov 4, 10:45amLounge Room 104A

The new wave of chefs and food hosts explore their growing influence and how they broke the mold.

Hot Ones

Sat Nov 4, 1:30pmThe Complex Studio