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'CON' GAME: The Best Store Are Not Stores | AdAge

'CON' GAME: The Best Store Are Not Stores | AdAge

By  . Published on January 10, 2018.

We can talk about how shopping needs to be an event, how millennials respond more to experiences and influencers than the latest collection from Abercrombie (remember those days?), but what does that actually look like? Pop-ups have gone from a trend to a common part of our retail and marketing vernacular. With retail and media doing a synchronized swan dive, expect to see special-interest communities looking for experiences (and things to buy) that relate to their passions.

Agencies and brands have experiential marketing teams, so it only makes sense to layer in transactions. Over the past few years, I've become fascinated—OK, obsessed—with experiences like Beautycon and ComplexCon just for that reason: They are, by definition, what I call "experiential commerce communities." From minimalism to sneakerheads to beauty-product junkies, the internet has given birth to a universe of subcultures and empowered us to participate in these spaces every day. If you have your personal subculture "spaces" online—wellness, streetwear, beauty or technology—why can't we bring them to life offline?

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