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returning nov 3-4, 2018 long beach, ca
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World-class minds and provocative topics make for an unmissable series

Food Rebels

Sat Nov 4, 10:45amLounge Room 104A

The new wave of chefs and food hosts explore their growing influence and how they broke the mold.

Drop Science

Sat Nov 4, 11:30amGrand Ballroom

Drops, whether sneakers or streetwear, make the hypebeast world go round and round. The limited supply, paired with the high demand, generates overnight lines in order to cop these grails. Our hosts, Chris Gibbs and Karizza Sanchez, are joined by the architects and tastemakers behind the biggest drops. They’ll dissect and analyze what truly makes something “drop-worthy.”

What Is Money? Currency and Crypto-Currency

Sat Nov 4, 1:30pmGrand Ballroom

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are turning the financial world on their head. Join Marc Ecko for a mind-blowing exploration of what the future of the world looks in the wake of unhackable, intangible currency that has no association to a government or a bank. 

We in Here: Injecting the Culture into Hollywood

Sat Nov 4, 12:30pmLounge Room 104A

Co-Curated By Complex and Charles D. King, Founder & CEO, MACRO (Fences, Roman J. Israel Esq.) and Producer (Mudbound)

A new wave of films and television programming spearheaded by people of  color is storming the box office and dominating awards season.  Thanks  in no small part to the efforts of super-agent turned super-producer and  media company CEO Charles D. King.  Join Charles and a panel of  entertainment industry powerhouses to discuss how "the new majority" is  smashing conventional wisdom, exceeding expectations and pushing the  culture forward.

The Disruptors

Sat Nov 4, 4:00pmGrand Ballroom

A panel conversation featuring anecdotes and advice from some of the real "influencers" in the culture who have spun their unique approach into revenue streams featuring artists, executives and designers.

Hype East

Sat Nov 4, 5:00pmLounge Room 104A

In the 80’s, streetwear emerged from the American surf and skate subcultures; however, it wasn’t until the Japanese reinvention in the 90’s that brought it to the next level. ComplexCon(versations) has brought together some of the most important figures in Japanese and American streetwear. They’ll reflect on the symbiotic relationship of the two cultures, and the infinite cycle of influence that has been established.

Sneaker of the Year

Sat Nov 4, 5:30pmGrand Ballroom

Last year's hottest debate returns in round two of ComplexCon(versations)' Sneaker of the Year. Our host, Joe La Puma, sits down with fellow esteemed sneakerheads to breakdown this year's best drops. From the YEEZY’s to the underdogs, this conversation will countdown 2017’s most noteworthy releases, to ultimately crown Complex’s most prestigious title - Sneaker of the Year.

Faith & Culture

Sun Nov 5, 11:30amLounge Room 104A

Leading Ladies

Sun Nov 5, 12:00pmGrand Ballroom

Chelsea Handler sits down with a panel of uncompromising female stars of music, film and fashion that have reinvented society's expectations of what women should look and act like while remaining true to their own inner baddass. Trump and Weinstein... you have been warned.

The Biz of Weed 2: Edibles

Sun Nov 5, 1:15pmLounge Room 104A

Cannabis infused food has greatly evolved from basic snacks to modern gourmet experiences. In light of Marijuana legalization beginning to take hold in America, host and master chef, Hawaii Mike, sits down to eat with fellow aficionados and discuss the future of THC in the food industry. 

Attendees have to be 21+. ID's will be checked.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Panel

Sun Nov 5, 1:45pmGrand Ballroom

In 2010, Kanye West dropped, what one would consider, one of the most preeminent albums of his career and the 2010s. In this panel, Noah Callahan-Bever, host, sits with key figures of the collaborative masterpiece.

Virgil X Takashi: Retrospectives in Collaboration & Superflat

Sun Nov 5, 4:00pmLounge Room 104A

The Art of Collab

Sun Nov 5, 4:30pmGrand Ballroom

What defines the success of a collaborative drop? Is it the hype behind the brands or is it genius of the product? ComplexCon(versations) has brought in Jeff Staple, one of the pioneers of this art form, to answer just that. He sits down with our panel of fusion masterminds to discuss their methodology used to execute the ultimate collaboration.

The Rap Generation Gap Debate: Hip Hop's New Rules

Sun Nov 5, 6:30pmGrand Ballroom

Rap has always been in a constant state of evolution dictated by the incoming generation. With every generation, a new set of normals and outliers are established. Our host, DJ Akademiks, has brought together a multigenerational panel from hip hop to discuss rap's new rules and how they differ to those from the past.

OTHERtone Radio Show

Sun Nov 5, 6:30pmLounge Room 104A